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School of Management Sciences


Students studying the NDip Management are introduced to the BTC programme and are encouraged to participate in the programme either in their second or third year of study.


The programme is noted in the student's co-curricular activity record and then later into their academic portfolio which they develop from first year.

A portfolio writing training workshop takes place during the second year of study and culminates in a two day Employability Workshop which takes place during the second semester of the third year of study.

Beyond the Classroom (BTC) is a voluntary leadership programme that introduces students to the requirements of leadership in a practical and creative manner. The programme, run by the Department of Student Governance and Development assists students to develop skills needed for effective, ethical leadership.

It explores and addresses the importance of diversity in daily interactions, encourges teamwork with others from diverse backgrounds, enhances skills in conflict resolution and communication, and encourages intellectual growth over a year-long period.

This voluntary self-development programme intends to:

  • Increase the participant's level of social awareness and responsible citizenship
  • Learn to adapt to change, ambiguity and different views
  • Foster participants creativity in both thoughts and actions
  • Boost participants thinking in seeing things from new perspectives
  • Enhance participants intra- and interpersonal skills
  • Strengthen participants verbal, written and electronic communication skills

BTC fruns from March to October every year.

The programme consists of the following modules:

Getting to know you

Portfolio development

Go Green

CV Writing

Conflict Management

Personal Branding

Ethical Leadership

Leadership Compass

Leadership Practice


Presentation Skills


ABOVE: Lecturer Paul Tai-Hing together with students from Beyond the Classroom