Change the world

School of Management Sciences


Six of the Business Management Honours students were invited to attend a breakfast with Media24 regarding the launch of the MyEdit app, organised by Professor Elmarie Venter. The breakfast was held at the Beach Hotel and was attended by the media, local bloggers, advertising agents, and marketers from various companies as well as other interested parties.

The whole idea behind the MyEdit app is to shift focus away from print media towards the use of an online app - in essence, Media24 is attacking itself as print media is the primary source their current business. The MyEdit app will create a pathway for the reader to consume his/her favourite content through the use of an app rather than through purchasing a magazine or PDF. This unique app is designed to innovatively store the readers’ favourite interests, needs and wants from the large database of content as well as external web sources – bringing the reader the widest and most accurate variety of content. Thus, the reader will only be exposed to articles and content which he/she desires to read – the first of its kind in South Africa.

The General Manager of Media24 (Willem Breytenbach), the Head Publisher (Nerisa Coetzee) and the Project Manager (Roann Louw) for the MyEdit app, spent time getting to know the students individually and expressed great interest in a few of the treatise topics currently being conducted. Willem also mentioned that he would be interested in meeting up with students at a later stage in the year.

Overall, the breakfast was extremely interesting, well-attended and offered the students a fantastic opportunity to meet key influencers in the industry. Special thanks to Professor Venter for organising this great opportunity!


                                  Above some of the student attending the breakfast (from left to right): Allen Chapingidza, Wesley Maguire, Andrea De Witt, Kerryn Stapleton, Robynne Klee and Sanele Matomela