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School of Management Sciences


Lecturers at NMMU George campus were pleasantly surprised this year when the Media 24 group initiated talks to offer students two months internships at their Cape Town office.

Students currently busy with the life skills course as well as students studying NDIP: Marketing was invited to apply for the initial screening phase. From the 18 students that applied, eight students were short listed. Students underwent a grooming process lead by Martin Keyter from student counseling and lecturers Lenore van den Berg and Adele Potgieter, which focused on the compilation of a CV, soft skills in the business world and personal branding as part of the preparation process for the interviews with senior management of Media 24. The importance of networking on social platforms such as Facebook and twitter were highlighted as they would be working in the digital magazine department of Media 24.

Nerissa Coetzee, manager digital products and brands was pleasantly surprised by the preparation of the students for the interviews as well as the practical knowledge of the students. Potgieter was extremely excited when the three final candidates chosen all came from the NDIP: Marketing diploma course.  “This again showcases that the practical skills we instill in our students through various subjects such as advertising and sales managent, personal selling and others, impact positively on the lives of students and gets recognised from external organisations. Students will be monitored throughout the two months on a daily basis via Facebook and twitter to evaluate their growth during this process. We will also visit Media 24 in January to have focus group interviews with other interns and permanent employees. I trust that this will be the beginning of a long and lasting relationship between the George campus and Media 24”.

ABOVE: Ms Adele Potgieter together with Marketing students