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School of Management Sciences


Prof Smith received the Sustainability/Green researcher award for 2014 in the Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences.

He published articles in two accredited international journals (ISI indices) regarding the influence of corporate social responsibility and the potential outcomes of CSR engagement factors on the competitiveness of SMEs.

Articles were also published in DoE accredited national journals, such as the Journal of Contemporary Management, on the influence of CSR factors on the business reputation of SMEs in Uganda. He was further the sole author of three articles published in international peer reviewed journals on aspects such as ethical leadership and the influence of customer demographics on greening perception and purchasing behaviour.

He also delivered papers at the Southern Africa Institute for Management Scientists Conference regarding the impact of skills shortages on the sustainability of SA gold mines and the implementation of ISO 26000 social responsibility initiatives. A paper was also delivered at the 3rd International Conference on Management Education and Innovation on a demographic analysis of social sustainability performance in SA.

In August last year he also delivered his professorial inaugural lecture entitled, "Beyond greening: Reflections on the sustainability imperative". He also received the runner-up award for the Faculty's researcher of the year. Besides extensively publishing in international and national journals he delivered seven conference papers in Johannesburg, Nairobi, Swakopmund and in Paris, France. He also wrote a book chapter on strategy, ethics and social responsibility and supervised two doctoral students who graduated in April last year.

ABOVE: Prof Elroy Smith