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School of Management Sciences


Lecturers from the School of Management Sciences attended the 62nd International Conference on Economics, Management and Social Studies (ICEMSS) held on the 29th-30th July 2016 in Dublin, Ireland.

Prof. Sandra Perks and Mrs. Nadine Oosthuizen authored and presented a paper entitled: "Supplier selection criteria for effective social responsible purchasing in South Africa". Prof. Sandra Perks authored another paper with Mr. Danie Ferreira entitled: "Development of a proposed competitive tourism model for South Africa".

They also attended the 2016 ICBTS International Academic Research Conference at the University of London in London, United Kingdom. Prof. Sandra Perks and Mr Danie Ferreira authored and presented two papers at the conference: the first paper entitled, "The influence of the political climate on South Africa's tourism industry", and the second paper entitled: "A sustainable tourism framework for South Africa: Addressing key tourism concerns". Mrs Nadine Oosthuizen was invited by the conference organisers to attend the conference and conducted some interviews for her PhD studies.