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Mr Andrew Marriott, a 2nd Avenue Advertising & Sales Promotion lecturer in the Marketing Management Department recently came in the top 5 of the Spec-Savers’ national “Spread your viral” competition.

Spread your Viral required entrants to create a TV commercial for Spec-Savers which was intended to go viral over the internet. The angle of the TV commercials was to be focused on the importance of sight by provoking emotion.

“The idea to enter came from my friend Kevin Meiring, a past media student of NMMU and now owner of his own media production company” says Andrew, “As a lecturer of Advertising & Sales Promotion I try to practice what I preach.”

“In the past I have helped create TV commercials, as a producer, but in this ad we had no budget and only 3 people to shoot and produce the ad…in 5 days!!” cries Andrew. “I also had a brief appearance in the ad itself”.

Entrants were encouraged to use their creative genius to make the audience laugh, smile or cry. The importance of sight is the drive behind the message, whilst focus needed to be placed on why Spec-Savers is the No 1 destination for affordable visual eye care in South Africa. Entrants stood a chance to win a whopping R30 000 and R20 000 for their academic institution.

“Using our lunch breaks we would rush to locations to shoot  the various scenes” Mr Marriott said, “often having to work through the night”.

Our ad entitled, “Today”, focuses on a single character, “Bob”, and how he goes through his week encountering a number of sight related dilemmas. Namely, shaving half his beard, struggling to read his emails, playing tennis poorly, and …. (follow the link).

“It is my hope to have more of the students in the future honing their practical marketing skills by participating in such challenges” says Andrew, “Maybe THEN I’ll win”.

             FOLLOW THE LINK TO VIEW THE TV COMMERCIAL            http://www.specsavers.co.za/syv/Videos/20.aspx

Below are some pictures of the commercial: