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Mr Gavin Cook, a lecturer in Logistics at the NMMU 2nd Avenue Campus, visited Han University in Arnhem, Netherlands, in May 2013.

Below is a short article of his experience: 

“I visited Han University of Applied Sciences (in Arnhem in the Netherlands) on invitation to participate in their Business School Talent event.  This competition was held over a 3-day period (22 May 2013 to 24 May 2013).  My participation in this event related to the assessment of group projects and power point presentations of students studying across a range of different fields, competing against one another. I sat on the panel which judged the Logistics students, who eventually won the overall competition.

I thoroughly enjoyed my participation on the programme, the networking with staff from Han University and other invited delegates (22 in total, from 11 different countries) who represented their universities, as well as my overall stay in Arnhem.”

                       Above: Mr Gavin Cook in front of the main Administration building at the Han University in Arnhem, Netherlands