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Mr Tony Matchaba-Hove attended the inaugural STEP (Successful Transgenerational Entrepreneurship Practices) Global Academic Conference hosted by Babson College in Boston, USA.

Over 50 STEP scholars from 35 academic institutions representing 29 countries participated in the conference. The conference provided a platform for STEP scholars to present their research within the field of family business as well as strengthening the ties between STEP team members across the globe.

Mr Matchaba-Hove presented a paper entitled, "The entrepreneurial orientation of indigenous African family businesses". In total, 29 research papers were presented at the conference in the form of roundtable discussions, full paper presentations and poster presentations.

Prior to the conference, Mr Matchaba-Hove also attended the STEP European region meeting where discussions around governance rotations, new member introductions, research activities, publications, and other regional STEP matters were held. The NMMU Family Business Unit is an affiliate of the global STEP project and falls under the European region. The meeting also generated new ideas for research projects and collaborations between STEP members.

ABOVE: Poster Presentation

ABOVE: STEP Conference Scholars

ABOVE: STEP European Region Members