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The Annual NMMU Sanlam Gala Financial Planning and Investment Seminar took place at the North Campus Conference Centre on 19 August 2015 and was attended by over 100 delegates comprising financial planning and investment honours students, together with Sanlam Financial Advisors and NMMU academic staff from the Department of Business Management. This event is a highlight on the calendar for the NMMU Business Management Department providing an opportunity for financial planning and investment students to engage with Sanlam financial advisors and extend their learning outside of the classroom.

The annual event was hosted and MC'd by Mrs Jackie Palframan; with the Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences, Professor Niekie Dorfling giving a welcoming address noting the significance of the longstanding relationship between Sanlam and the NMMU financial planning programmes. Professor Dorfling was proud to advise the delegates that NMMU was recognised as a leader and a front runner in the provision of financial planning qualifications.

Mr Arthur Kamp, Sanlam Investment Management Economist provided a keynote address titled, "Is South Africa heading for a fiscal cliff?" He discussed the intent of the government towards the primary budget balance and the sustainability of the South African fiscal policy. He noted that the government has been disciplined in managing the main budget relative to actual expenditure over the last three years, however cautioning that should matters deteriorate, a downgrading could be on the cards. Continued discipline was required to ensure the sustainability of the fiscus was possible.

The students engaged well with Mr Kamp, asking him many questions. Mr Kamp commented later that some of the questions asked were intricate, indicating a high level of commitment shown by the students towards their studies.

Networking between the students, academics and Sanlam delegates ensured a successful evening for all who attended.

Above: Ms Jackie Palframan and Mr Arthur Kamp

ABOVE: Students attending the seminar together with Lecturer, Ms Bomikazi Zeka and Prof Miemie Struwig

ABOVE (from left to right): Prof Niekie Dorfling, Prof Miemie Struwig, Ms Jackie Palframan and Mr Arthur Kamp