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During 2014, Oxford University Press approached Prof Gideon Horn to write a textbook.

Together with Mr Gavin Cook and Ms Jean Howell, as well as co-authors from Tshwane University, Unisa and Stellenbosh University they co-authored the textbook, "Supply Chain Management. A Logistics Approach."

Prof Horn as convener author wrote 3 chapters. Chapter 1: Introduction to the concepts 'Supply Chain Management' and 'Logistics'; Chapter 5: Inventory Management and Chapter 13: Supply Chain Management in the Public Sector. He was also responsible for proofreading and ensuring the flow of the textbook.

Mr Cook and Ms Howell each contributed 1 chapter respectively. Mr Cook wrote Chapter 7: Operations Management and Ms Howell wrote Chapter 6: Introduction to Warehouse Management.

The textbook provides practical applications for readers. It is written for 2nd year university students.

There are no many locally written textbooks on the topic. The book has been written with South African application in mind and contains many case studies referring to various South African scenarios.

ABOVE: Gavin Cook, Jean Howell and Prof Gideon Horn

ABOVE: Supply Chain Management. A Logistics Approach.