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School of Management Sciences


In March 2010 business students from NMMU were invited to participate in a study measuring the entrepreneurial attributes of students. The study was conducted among business students in 7 different countries, including China, Brazil, Kyrgyzstan, USA, Netherlands, SA and Kazakhstan.

During August 2010 the three principal researchers, Dr Shelley Farrington (NMMU), Mrs Christine Schrage (University of Northern Iowa, USA) and Mr Peter van der Meer (University of Utrecht, the Netherlands) got together in Port Elizabeth to analyse the results with the help of Mr Danie Venter from NMMU, who is also part of the project team. In addition to comparing the results of the 7 different countries, the same study had been done by the four researchers in 2003, and the idea was to establish whether the levels of entrepreneurial attributes at NMMU, UNI and UU had changed over the time period. In comparison to the 2003 study, NMMU business students of 2010 showed increased levels of development on 11 of the 13 entrepreneurial attributes investigated.

Mrs Schrage also has extensive talks with the international office as well as various department heads in the faculty of business and economic sciences with the aim of developing exchange possibilities for NMMU students to go and study at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) and for UNI students to come over and study at NMMU.

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