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Prof Elmarie Venter, Prof Shelley Farrington and Mr Tony Matchaba-hove of the NMMU FBU conducted their second STEP case study interviews among the family members of the well-known Stucky Motors. The family owns and manages the Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi and Chrysler Franchise Dealerships in Newcastle, Volksrust and Piet Retief in Kwazulu-Natal. 

The business is currently fifty-two years old and was started by Roland and Werner Stucky. Currently, several family members are actively involved in the business.  Brothers Fritz and Karl (sons of Roland) are Branch Managers, while cousin Reiner (son of Werner) is the Dealer Principal.  Reiner’s son Leo (third generation) is the Branch Manager of the Piet Retief dealership.

The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, through the NMMU FBU, is the only African university that is an affiliate of the global Successful Transgenerational Entrepreneurship Practices (STEP) project. The project involves rigorous qualitative and quantitative research, and an active dissemination of evidence-based knowledge through summits with families and publications. STEP explores the important questions relating to sources that enable continuous innovations to create new streams of wealth and value across generations. 

From left to right:  Prof Shelley Farrington, Mr Tony Matchaba-Hove, Mr Reiner Stucky (Dealer Principal of Stucky Motors and shareholder), Mr Karl Stucky (Branch manager and shareholder), Prof Elmarie Venter

From left to right:  Mr Tony Matchaba-Hove, Mr Karl Stucky (Branch manager and shareholder), Prof Shelley Farrington, Prof Elmarie Venter and Mr Fritz Stucky (Branch manager and shareholder)