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School of Management Sciences


For her research outputs during the year 2015, Professor Miemie Struwig was the Faculty Researcher of the year for the Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences.

This award is based on her research outputs during 2015. During 2015, while Professor Miemie Struwig was also Director of the School of Management Sciences, she published:

Six journal articles (1xA1 article, 2xA2 articles, 3xA3 articles)

Five International conferences (published proceedings)

Two South African conference papers (published proceedings)

One professional publication in The Conversation

She has also supervised 3 PhD students namely: Dr Riyaadh Lillah, Dr Laura Welcker and Dr Paul Dalmeyer. Two of the students did interdisciplinary studies namely: Dr Laura Welcker, who had a co-supervisor in Statistics (a German Professor) and Dr Paul Dalmeyer who had a co-promoter from the Stellenbosch University's Medical Faculty.

Prof Struwig supervised Mr Andrew Marriott for his MCom in Business Management. She also supervised Mr Mario Labuschagne for his MCom in Accounting - the first full research Masters in Accounting. She mentored Professor Houdini Fourie in this process. She also supervised an MBA student from the Business School of the University of Stellenbosch during 2015.

Besides doing many journal and conference paper reviews, Prof Struwig is a member of the editorial board of two international journals.

"To do research is not always easy as one needs alone time which was difficult to come by during 2015. I have worked most of the weekends during this year. I am passionate about research and always share my research skills as most of my students and colleagues can testify. I am blessed to work with wonderful colleagues and to supervise amazing students."

ABOVE: Prof Miemie Struwig