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School of Management Sciences


Two lecturers from the Department of Business Management, Prof Sandra Perks and Dr Nadine Oosthuizen, attended the Global Business and Technology Association (GBATA) Conference which was held in Vienna, Austria from 11-15 July 2017.

They presented the following papers:

  • Workplace strategies to increase environmental awareness to reduce global warming (Perks & May).
  • A framework of factors necessary for effective online mentoring as an e-learning tool (Oosthuizen & Perks).

They also attended the International Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering and Management (IASTEM) Conference which was held in Copenhagen, Denmark on 16th July, 2017. The following paper was presented: 

A dimensional framework of factors influencing loyalty card users’ buying behaviour (Perks & Oosthuizen).

ABOVE: Prof Sandra Perks and Dr Nadine Oosthuizen