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Professor Chantal Rootman presented her inaugural lecture entitled “Research in financial services: professing a way forward” on 11 July 2017 at the North Campus Conference Centre.

The lecture was based on her research on relationship marketing whereby customer satisfaction and retention play major roles in the success of an FSP.

An FSP (Financial Services Provider) is a person or organisation that renders an intermediary service that relates to the selling, administration or servicing of financial products.

Professor Rootman’s research has revealed that there has been a shift in the financial services industry and that FSP’s are now more focused on customer relationship management rather than promoting the quality and benefits of their products and services.

Professor Rootman started her research on this topic 14 years ago.

ABOVE (from left to right): Prof Madéle Tait (Director of the School of Management Sciences), Prof Chantal Rootman and Prof Denise Zinn (Deputy Vice Chancellor: Teaching & Learning)

Prof Rootman's Inaugural Lecture can be watched on the following link:

Prof Chantal Rootman Inaugural Lecture