Andrew Marriott is a lecturer in the Department of Marketing Management. His area of expertise lies in marketing with specialist research interests in branding and digital marketing environments. Andrew has developed a natural passion for teaching and learning in Higher Education over his 7-year teaching career. Because of this newfound passion, Andrew, has gradually been lead on a journey to try and better understanding the challenges South African university students face in their learning journey and how to best overcome these challenges.

As per the Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences: Dr Ismail Lagardien

We received outstanding applications for the 2017 Faculty Excellent Teacher Awards.  These applications demonstrated the quality of teaching and learning within the Faculty, and we are extremely proud of the candidates who participated in the process. These colleagues deserve to be recognised for the outstanding contribution they make to both our faculty and the university. 

This year’s Faculty Excellent Teacher of the Year is Mr Andrew Marriott

  • Andrew’s portfolio demonstrated a well-considered teaching philosophy, and evidence of how his philosophy guides his teaching-design and learning facilitation.  He impressed the committee with an integrated approach to teaching and learning that incorporates creative teaching techniques both in the class room and online - especially Moodle.  His portfolio illustrated continuous reflection and improvement. His expertise in teaching and learning, and in blended learning, impacted not only his own department, across our faculty.  In addition, Andrew acts an ambassador for the university by sharing his expertise with the external community, and by inviting external experts into Nelson Mandela University for the benefit of our students.

ABOVE: Mr Andrew Marriott together with students