On 22 July 2019, Mr. Mkumatela from the Department of Logistics visited the Shatterprufe plant in Struandale, where two of the Inventory and Stores 3rd year students are busy completing their experiential training.

From left to right: Mr. Y Mkumatela – Department of Logistics; Mr. Rayhaan Liberty (Shatterprufe); Sisipho Maguga (3rd  year Inventory and Stores student); Asiphe Pato (3rd year Inventory and Stores student) and Mr. Melvin Klassen (Shatterprufe).


During training, students are exposed to and participate in stores, warehouse and logistics-related activities. Employers are requested to ratify and evaluate all work done by the student, as described in the logbook reports. Mentors must confirm the nature of the tasks completed and evaluate students by completing the logbook report form contained in the logbook. Students doing their formal experiential training (400 hours compulsory training) need one report per month as well as a final report and evaluation, which is to be completed at the end of the training period.

It was such an honour to represent our department and the institution as a whole at my visit to Shatterprufe. What was very important for me was the feedback I got from the mentors of the students, saying the students are able to link theory with practice in the warehouse and logistics- related activities that they are exposed to. In addition, the positive response from Mr. Rayhaan Liberty (Logistics& Planning Manager) in terms of building a collaborative relationship with Shatterprufe and the Nelson Mandela University, that will benefit the students.” – Mr. Y Mkumatela