The NMMU Family Business Unit hosted its fourth successful Family Business Consultant Short Learning Programme from 16-18 November 2015 at the North Campus Conference Center in Port Elizabeth.

Prof Elmarie Venter provided training on topics such as consulting models and processes, the field of family businesses and the challenges they face, management and ownership succession and transgenerational success. She was joined by psychologist, Mr Robin Farrington, who focused more on family dynamics and consulting processes.

The course was attended by 8 delegates from various accounting and financial institutions such as KPMG, PWC and Old Mutual.

ABOVE: Prof Elmarie Venter (Director of FBU), Tricia Reed (Independent Compliance Officer), Richard Harris (Family Business Owner); Juliana Kitching (KPMG); Charlotte Lane (PWC); Leigh Petrie (PWC), Natalie Dillon-Van Acker (Old Mutual), Carol Batchelor (KPMG), Michelle Swift (KPMG), Mr Robin Farrington (Psychologist).