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School of Management Sciences


On the 16th of April, Ms Renee Ferreira, Ms Helen Gallant and Mr Andrew Marriott, all lecturers in the Department of Marketing Management, had the privilege of attending the latest XTalk hosted by the Marketers Executive Forum, MXF.

“MXF, is a body for Marketing and Communications professionals with the mission of creating a platform for marketers in various industries in the Eastern Cape to be inspired, to grow and to discuss topics relevant to the industry. The forum has been established with the aim of raising the bar on marketing in the Eastern Cape. The forum also creates a networking opportunity for all its members.”  -  www.mxforum.co.za/about-mxf -

The guest speaker for this XTalk, Mike Bosman, presented the topic entitled “The Future Marketing Environment”.

Mike Bosman, is the CEO of One Digital Media, South Africa's largest network provider in the digital media and retail market. He possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in the advertising and marketing industry both locally and internationally. Well-travelled and educated at some of the world's finest institutions including Harvard. Mike has made his mark in several countries. He has had the distinction of being named Advertising Man of the Year in South Africa on no fewer than three occasions. His influence has seen organisations under his leadership winning many local and global awards such as AD Agency of the Year during his tenure at FCB Lindsay Smithers. 

Mike’s talk not only presented the latest in the developments of digital marketing from a global perspective but also allowed for further discussions amongst the audience regarding the practical implications of such practices here in South Africa. All three lecturers learnt valuable new insights into this ever evolving aspect of marketing which they hope to pass on to their students.

                        Above (from left to righ): Ms Helen Gallant, Ms Renee Ferreira and Mr Andrew Marriott