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School of Management Sciences


Marketing lecturers Altouise Jonas and Adele Potgieter were part of the forty students and staff members who have contributed their time, skills and support towards making a success of the 2013 Outeniqua Wheelchair Challenge.

OnFriday, 15 February it was the wheelchair games at the Garden Route Mall, involving able-bodied learners from local schools; and on Saturday, 16 February the main OCC event was held in town.

The organisers have praised the positive attitude and exemplary manner in which NMMU has fulfilled its role in the community.  NMMU has also received substantial free publicity in the media – both online and print media, including being prominently featured in the special supplement to Die Burger which was distributed on 15 February.

You certainly are excellent brand ambassadors, giving life to/demonstrating the values we hold dear as an institution.  AND it was fun - a great teambuilding opportunity!