On Friday, 20 April 2018, the High Achievers 2017 Certification Ceremony was held. Below is the feedback from students of the Department of Management Practice concerning the programme experience (in their own words).


Above from left to right: Ms Aphelele Mvenge, Dr Paul Tai-Hing, Mr Wanda Ntoni and Ms Olorato Tsogang



At the beginning, I saw it as time consuming as I did not pay too much attention to it. What interested me and started to free me up was the individual mentoring with Doc. Because I could not ask questions in the group, I was able to ask them during that session and the questions were answered. We were introduced in a goal setting workshop and we were taught how to create a portfolio for ourselves and the importance of describing what I have achieved thus far and through it I am able to see where I must improve and where I am strong.

I enjoyed the "employability" and "living positively in a challenging world" workshops most as I learnt how to survive out there. The most important lesson I learnt is that it is important to make the most of lectures and to also improve my academic performance. Through the programme with RED CHERRY ADVENTURES I learnt a lot on how to be when working in a group and that it is important to give each other a chance to listen and respect one another, as we worked in groups.


It all started 2017 mid- August when I was called into my HOD’s office. At first I was confused, wasn’t sure why I was being called in and I thought I had done something wrong. There were five of us in the office that day and no one knew why we were there. Dr Paul Tai-Hing started congratulating us and told us that we were the top five high achievers students from Management. I couldn’t believe it at all until I was given a form at the first meeting and it had my name on it. The first week of the orientation which was coordinated by Dr Darryl Smith, was all about introduction to the programme, what was expected from us and when we will be meeting. There were 30 of us from different departments. I was very excited about the programme and at the same time not so keen about it, because I felt it was time consuming and somehow interfering with my studies. As weeks passed by, I came to realise that it was exactly what I needed. Each week we had a different topic to cover. Topics that were covered included how to set goals, living positively in a challenging world, career development, adaptability and strength, discovering your personality, improving academic performance and many others. Each topic had its own subtopic which was discussed every time and we all had to participate. 

The programme has helped me in so many ways and it helped me improve and become a better person. I used to struggle with being able to communicate my feelings or my thoughts to people because I was scared I won’t get a good reaction. It has showed me how to manage my time by always having a schedule of what and when I should do what. I’ve learned how to trust myself and live positively by accepting every challenge that comes my way and see it as an experience. I now understand the importance of thinking before I speak, so that my words do not harm anyone in any way and to respect people around me. The most important thing I’ve learned is to live and always give my best in all that I do. Be bold and confident and always believe in myself.

The challenges that I encountered were that sometimes I would have tests to write at the same time as the orientation started or immediately after the orientation, then I would have to rush to the test venue.


I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and wisdom from the programme as we did a lot of different activities as well as gave presentations. I’ve learnt a lot about myself as an individual and working with people. I’ve also learnt that my happiness is important and that whatever path I end up on after varsity, to never forget that. It has shown me that successful people didn’t just wake up successful, but at a point in their life, they were just like me, a student or some were not as fortunate, but with determination and hard work, they were able to be the successful individuals that they are today. It was a great experience and I’ll forever be grateful for the opportunity.