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School of Management Sciences


Lecturers from the Department of Business Management attended the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship (ACE) Research Exchange Conference.

The conference was held on the Australian Gold Coast at the Griffith Business School from 2 - 5 February 2016.

Prof Sandra Perks, Ms Nadine Oosthuizen, Ms Jasmine Goliath and Ms Bomikazi Zeka attended the conference.

They presented the following papers:

  • Family versus non-family business in the Eastern Cape, South Africa: a review of customer loyalty. Zeka, Saunders, Oosthuizen.
  • Motivation and obstacles to youth entrepreneurship in SA: An empirical school learner's perspective. Perks, Goliath.

ABOVE (from L-R): Ms Bomikazi Zeka, Ms Nadine Oosthuizen, Prof Sandra Perks and Ms Jasmine Goliath