Students in the BCom Logistics and Transport Economics course took part in a factory tour of the Volkswagen manufacturing plant in Uitenhage in May. Students were given a tour of the facility and the VW Museum allowing them to add practical experience to the theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom.

This was organised as part of ongoing efforts by the Department of Logistics of Nelson Mandela University to engage students in the practicalities of the industry, as well as to ensure that students are job ready and employable after graduation. The Department of Logistics also offers Short-Learning Programmes and experiential training on selected courses.

Twenty-two students, including five German and two Swiss students took part in the tour, overseen by Abdul-Gasiep Jappie, lecturer in the Department of Logistics.

 “I found the VW visit very enlightening in terms of what goes into the logistics functions of the automotive industry. What was most fascinating to me was the cooperation between different departments to achieve an end product. It was a great experience for me.” Tsakane Khoza

“My experience in the VW factory was really interesting and informative. It was great to see that the theory we learned about in class is relevant and up to date with industry. The tour was a perfect example of the importance of Supply Chain Management in a practical manner.                           

Thank you Mr Jappie and the Department of Logistics.” Martina Reichsteiner (Swiss international student).