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Professor Arie Buijs was given a great honour by receiving, on behalf of the Dutch King Willem-Alexander, the Royal Distinction of Ridder in de Orde van Oranje Nassau.

Professor Buijs received the order because of his books on Statistics, which have been the most used textbooks in the Netherlands since 1980, but more importantly he received it for his activities in activating Entrepreneurship at Utrecht University.  Special attention was given to his contribution to the development of international contacts with South Africa as the most dominant partner.

They appreciated that he worked many years on developing opportunities, not so much for himself, but to give young faculty members of NMMU and Stellenbosch opportunities in the Netherlands, encouraging the exchange of young Dutch faculty members who could develop themselves as visiting lecturers in South Africa.

With his knowledge of the field, his visionary and charismatic and binding personality, he made an invaluable contribution in bringing together all kinds of parties (educational institutions, companies, banks and public authorities) to put entrepreneurship at Utrecht University on the map.

Prof Buijs is currently a visiting professor in the Department of Business Management at the NMMU.

ABOVE: Professor Arie Buijs receiving his Royal Distinction of Ridder in de Orde van Oranje Nassau