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School of Management Sciences


Management Practice Lecturer, Paul Tai-Hing, was approached by Kwezi Lomso, a school in New Brighton across the road from the Missionvale Campus, in 2014, their Golden Jubilee year, to host something special for the school as well as the community.

Students from the BMM1101 module raised funds and it was decided that R10 000 would be donated to the school for the purpose of the Golden Jubilee. The school, however, decided to utilise the funds to purchase cabling for their computer laboratories.

On completion of the project, Paul Tai-Hing observed the ladies from the community preparing food in an open field on the school grounds. Washing of pots was also taking place in the muddy field. On further enquiry, it was discovered that the ladies were preparing the daily food for the learners - this meal was, for some of the learners, the only cooked meal they would receive each day.

There was, however, no facility available to prepare the food or to wash the dirty pots and dishes. It was then decided by Paul that a clean, hygenic facility was urgently required.

A site was identified - three grubby disused storerooms alongside each other. These were to be renovated to provide a brand new kitchen, washing up facility and storeroom.

Brand new cupboards were donated by Nedbank.

The total cost of the job was R74 000. Well done to the Management students for all their hard work in assisting the community. The new facility makes a huge difference.

ABOVE: Two of the workers who prepare the meals for the children

ABOVE: Kitchen Cupboards donated by Nedbank

ABOVE: The kitchen under construction