Monalisa Mapapu completed the Muenster School of Business (MSB) Summer School, which was a two week programme that took place from the 12th of July to the 23rd of July 2021.

The hosts were Josh Mahaney, who works as a PhD researcher and is a teacher assistant at the Grenable de Management in France, as well as Claudia Umanzor, the co-host, an associate researcher at the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centrem a Department within the FH Muenster University.

The theme of the Summer School was titled, ‘Cross - border Entrepreneurial Ecosystems’. These are systems of interdependent actors and relations which may directly or indirectly support the creativity and the increasing growth of new ventures. It also includes the social aspect on how the economic environment be it locally, regionally may affect entrepreneurship. 

Monalisa said, “Several topics relating to entrepreneurship, creativity and how universities can remain updated in this constantly changing world, were covered. However, one of the topics which stood out the most for me was on Entrepreneurial University Archetypes. My project group also conducted a research assignment on this topic - we had to decide on what type of entrepreneurial archetype a university had. There are basically 4 types namely: Research- preneurial (research driven), Inno-preneurial (Innovation driven), Techni-preneurial (Industry driven) and lastly Commerce-preneurial (commerce driven). This topic kept me captivated as I never knew that Universities had entrepreneurial archetypes.”

Monalisa added that, “My overall experience at the summer school was beyond my expectations, it was basically learning to have fun at the same time. The hosts kept us intrigued and captivated. Not only had I gained more confidence and upgraded my interpersonal skills, but I had gained more contacts and made new friends.”