Change the world

School of Management Sciences


The 1st year students studying the subject INTRODUCTION TO MANAGEMENT raised the amount of R130 000 through the sales of a recipe book written by their lecturer, Mr Paul Tai - Hing. The objective of the course was to teach the students how to start and manage small business, thus applying the theory that was taught in the classroom. The project not only taught the students business skills but also created the realisation that as leaders of business they possessed the power to create positive change within the communities their businesses operated.

On Wednesday 22 May 2013, Paul handed over R30 000 to the director of the Masenyusane Development Organisation, Mr Jim McKeown, who oversees the running of various schools in the township, among them being the Lwandlekaze and Ben Sinuka High Schools in New Brighton. These are two schools that have formed partnerships with the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship. The senior NDip Management students spend 100 hours per student at each school tutoring learners in various subjects, coaching sport programs, painting and restoring classrooms as well as maintaining school grounds. These students are then fed into the NMMU academic system.

Paul also handed over R60 000 to Mr Khaya Matiso, Dean of Students, and Mr Evert Knoesen, Vice President of the NMMU Alumni Association.

This money will be used specifically to assist needy students within the NMMU. This is a prevalent problem on campus – for example, students who require transport money to attend lectures or who do not have sufficient funds to continue studies at the university.

The remainder of R40 000 has been earmarked to restore two classrooms at the Lwandlekhazi High School. Thus far, Paul’s project has already restored two other classrooms in the school. This time, a new roof, ceiling, windows and floor will be installed in the new wing at the school.

All students and staff involved in this project can be proud of themselves as they are making a difference to their community. 

                                                      Above: Mr Jim McKeown, a director of the Masenyusane Development Organisation, Mr Paul Tai-Hing and Father Jerry Browne, CEO of the Organisation

                                             Above: Mr Khaya Matiso, Dean of Students, Mr Paul Tai-Hing and Mr Evert Knoesen, Vice President of the NMMU Alumni Association