Academics from the School of Management Sciences attended The 2018 Annual Conference of the Emerging Markets Conference Board and Doctoral Consortium held at the University of the Witwatersrand, Business School, Johannesburg, 6 – 7 April 2018.

The following papers were presented:

How can firms increase the customer adoption of zapper as a mobile payment technology? Authors: C. Rootman & J. Kruger.

Participation in selected marine tourism activities: A demographic profile comparison. Authors: A. G. Jonas, L. Radder & M. van Eyk.

The impact of a new generation of employees on corporate reputation in South African emerging markets. Authors: A. Potgieter, H.B. Klopper & M. Doubell.

Cost structure of mobile money services in Uganda. Authors: G.W. Ssonko & M. Tait.

Demographic factors affecting the financial literacy of black consumers: Critical research in South Africa. Authors: C. Rootman & X. Antoni.

ABOVE: Dr Adéle Potgieter, Professor Madéle Tait, Professor Naresh Maholtra, Professor Chantal Rootman, Mrs Altouise Jonas and Professor Steve Burgess