After two years of inactivity, 2022 marked the return to action of the Department of Marketing Managements’ Marketing Society. An academic-based society founded in 2017. Proceeding the recruitment of a stellar Executive Committee, the society went on to host a successful virtual talk which produced numerous compliments.


The virtual talk, presented on the Microsoft Teams platform, was held on the 23rd of August and included three guest speakers. These speakers were Mr Booysen, Mr Marriott and Mr Mbuli. The theme of the virtual talk was, “Using basic marketing skills to build a Marketing Community”. Mr Booysen, a co-founder of the society, touched briefly on this theme, whilst Mr Marriott gave an in-depth analysis reminding the audience to still have fun while applying these skills. Mr Marriott, a decorated lecturer in the Department of Marketing Management, engaged well with the audience and maintained participation in the chat section. The talk was concluded by Mr Mbuli, a post-graduate marketing student, who encouraged the audience to be brave and walk with confidence in building an individual’s own brand identity. The audience, predominantly marketing students, thoroughly enjoyed the talk and participated throughout the event.


Following the success of the first event, the Marketing Society plans on hosting another virtual talk with hopes of expanding their audience and attracting students from other departments in the Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences. Virtual talks are not the only events the Marketing Society is involved in. Recently, the society participated in a worthy cause of donating sanitary items to the Mold, Empower, Serve (MES) Centre in Schauderville, as part of Women’s month.


For more information regarding the society and becoming a member you can contact:

  • Robyn-Leigh Philander (Chairperson) – s219904588@mandela.ac.za
  • Ntokozo Rwapuluza (Vice-Chairperson – s220350183@mandela.ac.za

You can follow the society on Instagram: @mandela_marketing society.


Contact information
Mr Andrew Marriott
Lecturer; Marketing Co-ordinator
Tel: 27 41 504 3733