Prof Elmarie Venter received a C1 rating from the National Research Foundation for the period 2018-2023.  Her rating was based on eight international and national review reports.  Prof Venter is the only one in the Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences who has received an NRF rating since 2017.  

According to the review panel Prof Venter’s contribution to family business research in South Africa is internationally recognised and the contribution of family businesses is increasingly recognised as a potential driver of economic growth and wealth creation in the world, with South Africa being no exception. Her research on the unique challenges facing family businesses (for instance, succession planning and the role of non-family members) plays a role in ensuring their sustainability. Reviewers noted that she has achieved a good output rate, with 23 articles published during the eight-year evaluation period. She has also presented double-blind, peer reviewed papers at more than 70 national and international conferences and was the co-editor of 11 books and the author of 12 chapters in books. Reviewers were of the opinion that Prof Venter is “an active researcher and capable author, active also in teaching and beyond academia”. All were thus firmly convinced that she has established herself as a researcher, making “a significant contribution to the field of family businesses and entrepreneurship”. The majority of reviewers also concur that she has attained a solid international standing. 

A typical statement in this regard is as follows: “Prof Venter’s rating is based on her research outputs (best paper awards at several SAIMS and IBC conferences), and several articles published in leading accredited South African journals), one of the leading family business researchers in South Africa. With regard to her international family business research status, her excellent research outcomes (best paper award at the IFERA 2011 conference and the articles published in the prestigious Family Business Review Journal (impact factor 4.147), demonstrate that she is growing in stature internationally.”  Other notable achievements include her involvement in the first South African STEP (Successful Transgenerational Practices Project) case submitted to the international STEP Board, Boston, US. The ongoing work with STEP indicates that she is active in dissemination beyond academia.

ABOVE: Prof Elmarie Venter