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Congratulations must go to the SIFE NMMU team who won four awards in the 2011 national SIFE competition. The aim of Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) NMMU is for students to apply their classroom experiences to develop and implement educational outreach programs that teach individuals in their communities the principles of market economics, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, environmental sustainability and business ethics and how to become successful in life. The NMMU SIFE team identified two projects for 2011; David Livingstone High School in Schauderville with 937 learners and 27 teachers and Zama SA in New Brighton that provides after care facilities to 250 primary school learners.

At David Livingston High School, six projects were initiated: a leadership skills programme to increase self awareness, entrepreneurship programme focussing on compiling and implementing a business plan; sport teams for netball and soccer to encourage group dynamics; Smart Art to make articles from waste and encourage recycling; reinstatement of the library by cleaning it up, updating sources and organise the efficient management thereof. All these projects will run till the end of October this year.

At Zama SA two projects were led by SIFE NMMU students: A creative project where learners were challenged to view themselves in new ways and to develop their self-esteem. NMMU students worked with learners on a variety of imaginative and developmental activities that gave the children the opportunity to explore possibilities beyond poverty. The impact of this project is limitless as the learners can understand their potential and realise that anything is within their reach. Students also fundraised for materials and supplied the labour to repair two disused classrooms at the centre.

The SIFE executive team that represented NMMU in Johannesburg during the 13-14 July are Varonique Philander (president); Curtis Young; Angus Young; Lutho Jolobe; Faeeza Kasmed; Mahalia Gadlela. The NMMU SIFE team was supported by their faculty advisors Ms Kim Elliott and Prof Sandra Perks.

Although SIFE NMMU has only been in existence for 6 months, this team obtained 5th place out of 26 competing teams. They competed amongst others with well established SIFE teams from the University of Pretoria, Johannesburg, Fort Hare, Free State, Stellenbosch and other private tertiary institutions such as Stenden and Monash. In addition, the SIFE NMMU team also won the 2011 SA Rookie of the year award. They obtained a second place for the Sasol Limited Sustainability SIFE Award in the opening league for team sustainability. They also obtained a second place for the Coca-Cola South Africa Triple Bottom Line Sustainability SIFE Award in the opening league which rewards teams that contribute towards environmental preservation.

Our thanks go to the support of our sponsors amongst others Easigas, Nedbank, African Unity Insurance and the NMMU. Without their financial assistance the SIFE NMMU team would not have been able to execute their projects.

Prof. Sandra Perks

Prof. Sandra Perks

Group photo

Group photo