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School of Management Sciences


Anele Nkoyi enrolled for the MTech (Marketing) degree in good faith...he had the intelligence and he saved money to pay for his studies.

He did not have a laptop and was living in East London at the time he registered. For his first meeting with his supervisor, Prof Madéle Tait, he had to hike from East London to Port Elizabeth, as he could not afford a bus ticket and he was too proud to ask for any charity. He arrived at the meeting with only his examination pad and a pen.

Throughout the years he saved more money to afford a laptop and to pay for his bus tickets. He graduated last year and on 1 January 2016 he was appointed as a lecturer in a permanent position at the Central University of Technology in the Free State. He lectures on the campus in the town Welkom, known for its gold mines.

ABOVE: Anele Nkoyi