The beyond the Classroom Leadership 2019 celebrations ceremony was held on Friday 25th October at the Indoor Sports Complex.


The beyond the classroom is a year-long programme that equips high achieving students from across different faculties with leadership skills while at the same time encouraging them to dedicate some time in serving the community. Most notably, the programme prepares the high achievers for the world of work with career readiness skills like CV writing, emotional intelligence and interviewing skills.

For the big day of Awards ceremony, the students were asked to invite the person who has been their most inspiring lecturer during the year.

Captioned in the photo are the two students Lana Erasmus and Lukholo Falake, who nominated Mrs. Alice Makochieng as their most inspiring Lecturer (Management 2). There were different lecturers who came to celebrate and support their students during the event. The Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences has the most participating students in the beyond the classroom programme.